Product Ownership

We implement digital solutions using agile methods: agile product and project management, agile software development, agile operations.

In this type of agile setup, the Product Owner (PO) is responsible for the features and the economic success of the product or project. The PO designs the project in accordance with the customer's requirements. He or she creates, prioritises and explains the product features to be developed and decides which features will be completed in each sprint.

We fill the Product Owner role for our customers in a variety of different ways: as a support for the Chief Product Owner for faster scaling of his or her PO team; as a Co-Product Owner to relieve the workload on other POs; and as a Product Owner Trainer and Coach to provide knowledge transfer through on-the-job training. This enables our customers to fill this key role at short notice and enables their companies to take a definitive step towards becoming an agile organisation.

Agile Project Implementation: All the Roles Under One Roof

Agile Project Implementation
Agile Project Implementation

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