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Workshop blueprints tailored to your challenges!

Typical Challenges

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In the course of our daily project activities, we are often asked to provide training and coaching sessions which require not just our technological expertise, but also – and frequently – our methodological expertise. In response to this demand, we have developed a variety of workshop formats to help our customers tackle particular issues and quickly lead them to their goals.

  • Create or revise a vision
  • Develop new processes or optimise existing ones
  • Optimise data usage
  • Fully develop a new product or feature
  • Kick off a new project or product
  • Encompass all the aforementioned situations in a 360-degree solution
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Data and artificial intelligence workshop

We help you identify the most promising data and AI use cases in your business model. Together we work out how to create the conditions for the meaningful use of data, methods and modern technologies at your company.

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Data-driven services workshop

With data-driven services, you use your data profitably and expand your offering to secure your unique selling proposition in the long term and develop new solutions.

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Kick-off workshop

Our kick-off workshop enables a successful start to your next IT project! We focus entirely on the current project status.

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Process optimisation workshop

With our process optimisation workshop, we work with you to develop a solution that is very close to your existing processes and does not feel foreign, but simply better.

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Requirements & Architecture workshop

To establish a common vision and common goals, to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) backlog based on user requirements, and to design an appropriate cloud architecture taking into account the quality requirements.

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The 360-Degree Solution

Are you in the initial stages of your concept? Are you looking for a partner who can support you throughout the process? We’ll be delighted to assist you!

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Threat modelling for data platforms workshop

Our workshop offers a customised view of the security situation of your data platform. The aim is to systematically evaluate the threats and the countermeasures taken for their application.

Vision Workshop

Vision workshop

With a proper vision, the ideas of a product or a change can be concretised and better implemented later.

Our Methods

In order to provide optimum support for your specific situation, we use a wide range of methods, which we deploy according to your requirements. Ideally, we like to start with a minimal version, as this enables us to learn early on from feedback and to focus on the essential elements of the product or process.

  • Use a Design Sprint to go from problem to tested prototype in five days
  • Use design thinking approaches to develop creative, user-centric solutions
  • Use a build-measure-learn cycle to continuously collect user feedback and iteratively develop your product further
  • Use a user journey to compare user needs with user experience
  • Use story mapping to break the big picture into actionable parts and define the various implementation stages
  • Use user research to qualitatively and quantitatively identify the needs and challenges of your target audience
  • Use user interviews to qualitatively determine a user’s underlying intentions and motives
  • Create empathy maps in order to identify user needs and make them transparent
  • Use personas to create a comprehensive user profile
  • Use the business model canvas to document, structure, and revise a new or existing business model
  • Use the Golden Circle model to develop a common vision and make it transparent
  • Develop prototypes to collect early-stage user feedback and use it to instantly validate ideas
  • Use a SWOT analysis to sharpen your own competitive position and define a market strategy
  • Use the Crazy 8s to creatively generate innovative ideas
  • and much more!
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Our Trainings

Training at inovex Academy transfers knowledge you can’t get from books. In our Training, practical applications take precedence over long texts and large numbers of slides. Without exception, all the inovex Academy trainers are experts in their respective fields and use these methods and technologies daily in our projects.

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Head of inovex Academy