We're always happy to share with our customers the methods and technologies that we implement in our projects. We do this in the form of training courses and coaching sessions - almost like an application-based "academy". The training sessions are usally held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in training sessions in English.

Training at inovex Academy transfers knowledge you can't get from books. We believe that "lecture-style" courses, in which a trainer presents material and the participants listen passively, are ineffectual. Instead, we focus on interactive exercises which get all the participants involved. In our training, practical applications take precedence over long texts and large numbers of slides. Without exception, all the inovex Academy trainers have practical experience in their fields. They are experts in their respective fields and use these methods and technologies daily in our projects.

"(...) The comprehensive exercises are always backed by real-life anecdotes and examples from industry. Highly recommended!"

(Dr. Tammo Krüger, Senior Analyst at Zalando)

Spark für Data Scientists

Data Scientists

3 Tage

min. 3, max. 12

1,800 euros plus VAT

Apache Hadoop Developer Training

Software Developers, Software Architects

3 Tage

min. 3, max. 12

1,500 euros plus VAT

Certified Scrum Developer Training

Java Developers with OOP-Design Know-How

5 Tage

min. 3, max. 12

2,500 euros plus VAT

Apache Spark Training

Analysts, Software Developers, Software Architects

2 Tage

min. 3, max. 12

1,200 euros plus VAT

Docker Fundamentals Training

IT Engineers, Software Developers, Software Architects

2 Tage

min. 3, max. 12

1,290 euros plus VAT

Linux System Administration Training

4 Tage

min. 3, max. 12

2,450 euros plus VAT

Data Product Management Training

Product Managers, Innovation Managers, Business Developers

9 - 17 Uhr

1 Tag

min. 3, max. 10

990 euros plus VAT

Cloud Development Training

Software Developers

06.06.–08.06.2018 (Hamburg)

3 Tage

min. 3, max. 12

1,800 euros plus VAT

Kubernetes Administration Training

IT Engineers with Linux Know-How

23.04.–27.04.2018 (Karlsruhe)
04.06.–08.06.2018 (Karlsruhe)
09.07.–13.07.2018 (Karlsruhe)

4 Tage

min. 3, max. 12

2,400 euros plus VAT

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Collin Rogowski

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Collin Rogowski

Head of inovex Academy

inovex Trainings

On-Site Trainings

We offer training in agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) and technologies including Apache Solr/Lucene, HTML5, Android, Rails, MongoDB, Puppet and Microsoft MDX.

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