One of the linchpins of Digital Transformation was and continues to be the Web - regardless of whether companies are looking to interact with customers, with employees, or with new digital elements, such as in the 'Internet of Things'.

Provided that they are flexibly adaptable, expandable and scalable, Web solutions support all kinds of digital scenarios over a long lifecycle. We develop lasting, user-centric Web platforms and portals, implement the Applications, preferably with open-source technologies, and integrate the solutions into our customers' IT landscapes.

As Web Applications nowadays are accessed via a huge number of different devices, the user interfaces must automatically adjust to the various usage situations. Responsive user interfaces are therefore an indispensable component of our integrated web solutions. Wherever possible, our web application experts rely on progressive Web Apps to bring the user experience even closer to the capabilities of native Apps.

Technology Stacks


  • React, Angular, Vue.js, StencilJS, Express.js, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra
  • TypeScript / Flow, JavaScript (ES2017+), Ruby, Elixir, Less/Sass
  • Webpack, Yarn
  • Styled Components, ImmutableJS, LernaJS, Redux, Mongoid, DataMapper, GraphQL, REST, Backend for Frontend, SPA

Mobile Web

  • We create our apps for mobile devices using web technologies as well as Android and iOS. Here, depending on the use case, we rely on React Native, for example. Compared with the hybrid apps that were often used in the past, genuine native apps can be created in this way. In terms of appearance and responsiveness, it is no longer possible to tell these apps apart from those created using Java or Swift. Incidentally, there is no longer a need to use two separate projects to develop React Native apps, as the code basis can be used for both platforms in the vast majority of cases.



  • Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hystrix
  • Spring Data, JPA und Hibernate, STOMP, JAX-RS (REST), Web Container (Tomcat, Jetty)


  • PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Memcache, Liquibase


  • Elasticsearch: The search machine is based on Apache Lucence and can be easily addressed by means of REST interface, searching through vast quantities of data in ultra-quick time.


  • Apache Lucene / Solr: The free software is highly available and fault-tolerant. As well as load-balanced querying, it also allows distributed indexing of data and serves as a basis for reliable searching within a business context.



  • CI / CD (GitlLab CI, GoCD, TravisCI, TeamCity, CruiseControl.NET, iOS: fastlane)
  • Style guides, component playground (Storybook, Styleguidist)


  • Performance (WebPagetest, Bundlesize, Sitespeed.io)
  • Testing (xUnit, Selenium, Cucumber, Jasmine, Jest, Enzyme, JBehave, RSpec, Capybara, Cypress.io, Puppeteer, BackstopJS, Protractor | iOS:  Unit test with XCTest, Quick, Nimble; UI tests with Xcode, Google Earl Grey | Android: Spoon, Robolectric; UI tests: Espresso, Robotium and Exerciser Monkey)


  • Analyse / Code Climate (Sonar, PMD, FxCop (Static analyzers), Checkstyle, *Lint, NCover, TSLint, ESLint | iOS: SwiftLint, CodeCov | Android: Lint)
  • Stress/load testing (JMeter, Tsung, ApacheBench)


  • Mocks (Mocha, mockito, rspec-mocks, FlexMock, EasyMock)


  • .NET MVC, ASP.NET, Entity Framework Core
  • Windows Forms, WPF/Silverlight
  • .NET Remoting, .NET Webservices, WCF, RIA Services, REST
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Windows Services
  • COM Interop, VSTO, MS Office Integration
  • Sharepoint Integration
  • Visual Studio, SharpDevelop, Resharper, Fiddler

Mobile – Android

  • Application development (Smartphone, Tablet, Wear OS, Android TV)
  • Modern app architectures (MVVM, MVP, DI, Clean Architecture)

    • Kotlin
    • Material design
    • Firebase Cloud Messaging
    • App analytics
    • Crash reporting
    • Native development (NDK)
    • Full stack performance analysis & performance optimization


Mobile – Android System Engineering

  • Porting of AOSP to compatible devices
  • Kernel / userspace driver

    • External hardware
    • Boot time optimizations
    • Rollout patch management
    • Security
    • SDK extensions
    • Kiosk mode
    • IME adjustments
    • Performance / memory optimization


Mobile – iOS

  • Universal app development for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
  • Development of extensions, like the Today extension or for the Apple Watch

    • Modern, scalable app architectures such as MVVM, VIPER
    • Swift & Objective-C program languages
    • Adaptive interfaces with auto layout
    • Local persisting with Core Data
    • Dependency management with Carthage, CocoaPods
    • Interactive push notifications
    • Crash reporting with Crashlytics or HockeyApp
    • Company-wide app distribution with HockeyApp
    • Automated distribution to Testflight and in the App Store


EXARING AG: Development of a scalable microservice backend for the waipu.tv streaming service

EXARING AG: Development of a scalable microservice backend for the waipu.tv streaming service

EXARING AG proves that linear TV and innovation are by no means mutually exclusive. The company worked with inovex GmbH to develop the waipu.tv streaming service.

Read the 'Microservice Backend for waipu.tv' Case Study
Development of a State-of-the-Art Online Customer Portal for FONIC

Development of a State-of-the-Art Online Customer Portal for FONIC

When FONIC, a major German provider of discount mobile services, was looking to completely overhaul its customer portal, the company selected application development specialists inovex GmbH to handle the implementation. The portal, which was implemented using state-of-the-art technology, not only improves service for FONIC customers, but also increases customer conversation rates and creates savings for FONIC.

Read the 'Customer Portal for FONIC' Case Study
dm-drogerie markt: Development of New Self-Service Offerings Based on Web Technologies

dm-drogerie markt: Development of New Self-Service Offerings Based on Web Technologies

Customers in dm-drogerie markt stores can use self-service terminals to access various pieces of information, such as product pricing or loyalty points. As the previous terminals relied on unwieldy PC hardware and outdated touchscreens, the company joined forces with inovex to develop a flexible, future-proof solution.

Read the 'New Self-Service Offerings for dm' Case Study

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