As drivers of the Digital Transformation, the Web platforms of Google, Facebook, Amazon and their ilk are setting functional and aesthetic online standards for consumers. They are, therefore, also shaping the expectations of Web users.

Companies systematically harnessing the advantages of the Digital Transformation no longer differentiate between private and professional use of digital technologies.

Digital natives are demanding, whether as corporate employees or as consumers. Information, communication and collaboration systems with complicated interfaces, lengthy click-through sequences and an outdated look and feel are no longer acceptable. The acceptance and the success of digital systems are massively increased if user interfaces are highly functional and attractive. The responsive design approach, in which an application is differently formatted for the screen properties of the requesting device (navigation and interaction, layout, font size, etc.), has established itself as a standard model for dynamic web interfaces. To create such interfaces, we use HTML5, JavaScript, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Apache Wicket, JSF or

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