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Administration of Hadoop Cluster

Target group: Linux Administrators, Software Developers (with basic Linux Skills)
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This course covers everything you need to know about setting up and operating Hadoop clusters. Over the past few years, Hadoop has become the standard for big data systems. Setting up and operating Hadoop clusters is, however, a fundamentally more complex task than, for example, setting up and operating web server farms – or even traditional database clusters. The high level of integration among Hadoop nodes and the ‘eventual consistency’ paradigm mean that in-depth knowledge of the architecture and the essential processes involved in Hadoop clusters is required in order to ensure highly available, high-performance, secure operation.

This Training course covers precisely this content in a very practical way. During the course, the participants set up their own Hadoop cluster, which they can then use to practice typical scenarios like integrating third-party systems, creating backups, or handling malfunctioning nodes.


  • Hadoop basics, infrastructure and architecture
  • Setting up and configuring a Hadoop cluster
  • Hadoop security basics
  • High availability for Hadoop clusters
  • Backup and recovery strategies for Hadoop clusters
  • Introduction to the ecosystem and integration of frequently used components
  • Monitoring and ongoing optimisation for Hadoop clusters
  • Hadoop log file analysis
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