Apache Hadoop Crashkurs

Target group: Software Developers, Software Architects, Analysts, Business Intelligence Experts
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The Training sessions are usually held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in Training sessions in English.

Over the past few years, Hadoop has established itself as the de facto standard for analysing large and very large volumes of data.

Hadoop presents developers with some challenges, however. On one hand, raw data is handled in a completely different way than has hitherto been the case. On the other, developing queries using the MapReduce paradigm requires some rethinking for those used to traditional relational queries.

Furthermore, an entire ecosystem of technologies for the most diverse application areas has now grown up around Hadoop, the “simple” MapReduce tool. These applications include everything from distributed data storage to exploration and analysis, right through to automatic classification and prediction. This one-day crash course offers insights into the Hadoop architecture and the Hadoop ecosystem and addresses the typical pitfalls users may encounter when deploying it in their own companies.


  • Overview of the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Introduction to the Hadoop Filesystem (HDFS)
  • Introduction to MapReduce
  • Developing queries using Hive
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