Certified Scrum Developer Training

The goal of the inovex Scrum training is to convey the Scrum philosophy in a practical way and to make it tangible.

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General information

2 days remote training

Target group

Java developers (OOP design know-how required)


Scrum. Agile Software Development. Lean. Current buzzwords, under which many can imagine something by now.

Software developers in Scrum projects are regularly confronted with two challenges: on the one hand, they must know and understand the Scrum framework with its rules and principles, and on the other hand, they need knowledge of techniques such as Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and Continuous Integration in order to adequately deal with the agility of the requirements in a Scrum project. However, both the Scrum framework itself and the agile development techniques require a – sometimes radical – change in mindset when it comes to actually writing software. This “mindset change” is conveyed in this training through many practical exercises and tasks.

At the center of the training is a four-hour programming project in which the participants develop a web application in Java using agile development techniques (Pair Programming, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development) in a team.For the exercises, each participant needs a laptop with a Java development environment set up. We recommend here the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition available for all major operating systems.


  • The course fee includes training materials and the certificate for Certified Scrum Developer.
  • You must have your own notebook.
  • The training takes place remotely!


  • Introduction to Scrum: Roles, Events and Artifacts.
  • Introduction to Agile development techniques:
    • Pair Programming
    • Test Driven Development
    • Continuous Integration
  • Code refactoring and iterative/incremental approaches
  • Basics of agile software architecture
  • Programming project: development of a Java web application using Scrum and agile development techniques
Certified Scrum Developer Training
€1,400.00* plus VAT
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€1,400.00* plus VAT

Training forms

Training forms according to your needs: Open trainings take place on fixed dates in mixed groups at an inovex location, inhouse trainings you book individually – configurable as desired.

Inhouse training

  • Training agenda customizable to the group and the project
  • Confidential atmosphere (trainers are under NDA)
  • Configurable according to your needs: place, time, language, tooling
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Open training

  • optimal for individuals
  • new impulses from other participants
  • getting to know other people interested in tech


Our trainers are field-tested experts in their areas of expertise. Through their work in projects, they expand their knowledge day by day and pass on this know-how in their trainings - application-oriented and practice-oriented.

Portraitbild von Collin Rogowski

Collin Rogowski

Collin Rogowski has been working with scrum since the framework was introduced at Germany's leading web portal. During the past years he got to know a vast spectrum of scrum implementations, ranging from small self-organized teams to 'agile departments' at a larger SME to a division of an international company organized with scrum. His experience as a trainer ranges back to 2009, first in academia, later in economy.
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Certified Scrum Developer Training

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