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Clean Code Training

Target group: C++, C# and Java Developers
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Disclaimer: This training will be held remotely!

Whether in traditional applications or modern microservice architecture, legacy code or greenfield projects, clean code is one of the keys to long-term extensible code bases.

This training course introduces the topic of clean code and provides an overview of the required basics, practices, principles, and best practices.

Using various examples, participants learn how to apply clean code techniques, both in developing new software and in the refactoring of existing legacy code.

Practical exercises are always to the fore and provide the basis for using the knowledge acquired in everyday life.


  • Clean code basics
  • What is “bad” code?
  • Introduction to clean code virtues & grades
  • Overview of different principles
    • SOLID
    • Integration Operation Segregation Principle
    • etc.
  • Overview of different practices
    • Code reviews
    • The scout rule
    • etc.
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Trainer Christoph Menzel

Christoph Menzel

Head of Mobile & Web Development Read More

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