Go/Golang Training

A Training for IT engineers: develop own services with Go or provide support in the operation and debugging of Go applications.

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At a glance

General information

2 days practical training

Target group

IT Engineers

Application examples

– Developing and operating own (web) services in Go
– Providing support in the operation and debugging of Go applications


The Training sessions are usually held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in Training sessions in English.

Its combination of modern programming language, integrated build and distribution system and living ecosystem have contributed to more and more teams developing and operating their (web) services in Go.
This Training is aimed at IT Engineers who want to develop their own services with Go or who want to provide support in the operation and debugging of Go applications.
To this end, a complete Go application is developed over the two days, through which the participants become familiar with Go, the associated tools and the ecosystem from end to end. This is done in a practical way: more than 50% of the training is reserved for practical exercises.


  • Introduction to the basic linguistic concepts of Go
  • Programming initial command line programs
  • Introduction to the structuring of complex programs
  • Managing dependencies
  • Concurrencies in Go
  • Developing a REST service
  • Developing a client for the REST service
Go/Golang Training
€1,400.00* plus VAT
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€1,400.00* plus VAT

Upcoming trainings

08.11.2023 - 09.11.2023 German Cologne Slots available Book now
12.12.2023 - 13.12.2023 German Karlsruhe Slots available Book now
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Training forms

Training forms according to your needs: Open trainings take place on fixed dates in mixed groups at an inovex location, inhouse trainings you book individually – configurable as desired.

Inhouse training

  • Training agenda customizable to the group and the project
  • Confidential atmosphere (trainers are under NDA)
  • Configurable according to your needs: place, time, language, tooling
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Open training

  • optimal for individuals
  • new impulses from other participants
  • getting to know other people interested in tech
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Our trainers are field-tested experts in their areas of expertise. Through their work in projects, they expand their knowledge day by day and pass on this know-how in their trainings - application-oriented and practice-oriented.

Lächelnder Christian Dreier

Christian Dreier

Christian gehört als Fullstack Developer & Architekt zu den Early Adoptern von Go und vereint langjährige Erfahrung in Konzeption und Entwicklung von groß skalierten Enduser Anwendungen bis hin zu reinen Infrastruktur Projekten. Mit viel Freude an neuen Technologien findet er für jede Herausforderung das richtige Werkzeug: Go!
Lächelnder Rüdiger Schmitz

Rüdiger Schmitz

Rüdiger ist Senior Software-Entwickler bei inovex und verfügt über mehr als 25 Jahre Erfahrung. In den letzten 5 Jahren lag sein Schwerpunkt auf der Implementierung cloud-basierter Microservices auf Basis von Golang, Kubernetes und Apache Kafka.
Lächelnder Fabian Simon

Fabian Simon

Fabian ist Fullstack Developer bei inovex und entwickelt seit 2016 in Go Web- und Microservices. Er beschäftigt sich mit allem rund um die Architektur – von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung.
ISAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a certification as a result of the training?
All participants will receive a certificate of participation from the inovex Academy after the training.
When does the training start?
Our trainings start at 09:00 Central European Time.
Do I get an invitation? When do I get it?
The trainer sends out the invitations about 1 week before the start of the training. In addition to the agenda and the schedule, any preparations (installation of software, etc.) will be pointed out again.

Go/Golang Training

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