Modern Android App Development with Kotlin

This training provides a practice-oriented introduction to the programming language Kotlin and modern Android app development.

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4 days practical training

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Software developers

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Modern Android App development using Kotlin


Kotlin is the state-of-the-art alternative to Java and can be used in a wide range of scenarios, even outside the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). You can, for example, use Kotlin to implement native Android apps, web backends or cross-platform libraries.

This training provides a practice-oriented introduction to the programming language Kotlin and modern Android app development. The trainer, Johannes Schamburger,brings extensive expertise from his projects and incorporates his experiences into the training.

The participants learn all the important tools to develop Android apps with Kotlin. The training is strongly based on the official Android development documentation. In the course, participants develop a small app (Github Client), which is expanded bit by bit. All mediated content is practiced directly in tasks.

This training focuses on the idea of ​​learning together. There is always the opportunity to exchange ideas, ask questions and influence the content of the training.


  • Kotlin basics
  • Kotlin concepts & language features
    • Null safety – No longer generate unintentional null values
    • Coroutines – Manage synchronous operations easily and effectively
    • Delegates – Delegate functions and properties to other classes
    • Sealed classes – Increased code security by creating data models with limited, predictable capabilities
    • Extension functions – Adding new functionality to a class without editing it directly
    • Higher-order functions – Make code more effective and readable
  • Android app architecture
    • Separation of concerns – Separation of UI und business logic
    • Layered Architecture – Easy maintenance of code through clearly defined layers of the app
    • Dependency Injection – Management of dependencies between different components of the app
  • UI development with Jetpack Compose
  • Concurrency and und network communication
  • Data storage & persistence
  • Testing
    • Unit Tests
    • UI Tests

Typical questions we answer:

  • What language features distinguish Kotlin from other programming languages?
  • How do concurrency concepts like coroutines and flows work?
  • How do I build modern UIs with Jetpack Compose?
  • How do I structure an Android app to keep the code understandable and maintainable?
  • How do I retrieve data from backend APIs and store it locally in a database?
  • How do I write UI and unit tests for Android apps?
  • How can I cut the modules in my project and what are the technical possibilities to share the modules between projects?
Modern Android App Development with Kotlin
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  • Training agenda customizable to the group and the project
  • Confidential atmosphere (trainers are under NDA)
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  • new impulses from other participants
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Our trainers are field-tested experts in their areas of expertise. Through their work in projects, they expand their knowledge day by day and pass on this know-how in their trainings - application-oriented and practice-oriented.

Lächelnder Johannes Schamburger

Johannes Schamburger

Johannes Schamburger has been an Android developer at inovex since 2013. He develops Android applications in various projects and has a special interest in clean software architecture, test-driven development and agile methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive certification as a result of the training?
All participants will receive a certificate of participation from the inovex Academy after the training.
On what basis was the training content designed?
The training is based on the technologies and experiences from our customer projects for the development of Android apps.
How can I prepare for the training?
The training requires a set-up Android development environment (Android Studio) and an Android device or set-up emulator. In the training, the exercises are synchronised via git from our training repository.
When does the training start?
Our trainings start at 09:00 Central European Time.
Do I get an invitation? When do I get it?
The trainer sends out the invitations about 1 week before the training starts. In addition to the agenda and the schedule, any preparations (installation of software, etc.) will also be pointed out.

Modern Android App Development with Kotlin

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