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Kubernetes Training for Application Developers

Target group: Software Developers (with Linux Command Line skills)
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The training sessions are usually held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in training sessions in English.

Starting with a simple Python script, application resources and core concepts that are necessary to develop, monitor and debug scalable applications with the help of Kubernetes are introduced.

Further topics such as network plug-ins, security and cloud storage are also covered, so that participants are able to develop applications for productive environments after the Training.


  • Containerisation and deployment of a Python script
  • Deployment configuration with ConfigMaps, Secrets and SecurityContexts
  • Foundations of the multi-container Pod design
  • Configuring probes to monitor the health of Pods
  • Updates and rollbacks for deployed applications
  • Implementation of services and network policies
  • Use of PersistentVolumeClaims for persistence of states

This training is vendor- and distribution-neutral. All concepts dealt with can therefore be applied universally.

As with all Training at inovex Academy, the content listed above will be taught in theory and practice: at least 50% of the training time is reserved for prepared exercises in an allocated environment.


The course fee includes Training materials.

Make a request „Kubernetes Training for Application Developers“ Training Description PDF, 59.04 kB

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Collin Rogowski

Head of inovex Academy