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Product Discovery Training

Target group: Product Owners / Product Managers, Scrum Masters, UX Researchers 
– Prerequisite: Knowledge of agile basics 

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This training course teaches the basics of product discovery and focuses on user-centric, hypothesis-driven product development and is based on the principle of “developing the perfect product before developing the product perfectly”. Not only does this course cover the theoretical basics, it also introduces and discusses many specific methods and tools, such as user story mapping, personas, and working with MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).

The course contains a large number of practical exercises. These enable participants to explore the various tools and methods during the course and to apply what they have learned directly to their own products and projects afterwards.

Several “deep dive” options are available for the final day of the training course, on which key product discovery topics will be discussed in detail. The participants will choose which of these topics to explore in depth during the course.


Module 1: The Basics of Product Discovery 

  • A practical introduction to product discovery
  • Basic concepts and terminology
  • Dual-track agile
  • Product risks 

Module 2: Overview of Methods

  • Vision 
  • The business model canvas
  • The lean startup method
  • Overview of methods 

Module 3: Methods in Use 

  • User story mapping
  • Personas
  • Qualitative interviews 
  • Prototyping 
  • Minimum Viable Products (MVP) 

Module 4: Product Discovery Principles & Deep Dives 

  • Product discovery principles 
  • Deep dive opportunities (participants will select from agile working methods, stakeholder management or design sprints)
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