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Target group: Analysts, Engineers, Scientists, Developers, Accountants, etc.
* For in-house events, these details may differ
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The 'Python Basics' Training is conducted by our Training partner, the consulting company Königsweg.

The Training sessions are usually held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in Training sessions in English.

The Python open source programming language impresses with its clear syntax, simple structures and easy readability. Thanks to the extensive standard libraries, Python can be used to realise powerful ideas with just a few lines of code – in fact in almost all application areas.

Despite its versatility, the language always remains simple and is therefore easy to learn, even for novice programmers. It is not without reason that Python is the best language for data science and is extremely popular in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, system automation and Microservices.

Both Python and the most important Data Science modules are available as open source languages without license fees. The large development community guarantees continuous further development and optimisation. As it is a platform-independent language, Python is not tied to a specific platform or operating system and can therefore be used very well as a ‘glue language’ between different systems.

The Python basic course by Königsweg teaches the elementary basics of object-oriented programming with Python, without requiring in-depth programming knowledge. Participants learn the following skills in a participative workshop format based on practical application scenarios and case studies:

  • Python syntax basics
  • Standard library basics
  • Python ecosystem
  • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
  • Python as script language
  • Automation with Python
  • Functions and classes in Python
  • Where can you get help?

The Python basic course is aimed primarily at beginners and teaches the basic structure and syntax of Python. Participants will not only be given a practical introduction to the Python ecosystem but they will also acquire concrete knowledge and skills in the basic course for use in everyday professional life.


Day 1 – Programming with Python, Part 1


  • Integrated development environment (IDE) design
  • Python programming language

Basics: Programming with Python

  • Keywords and labels
  • Variables
  • Specialisation in Python
  • Explanations
  • Basic data types
  • Importing modules
  • Reading and writing data
  • Operators
  • Program flow control
  • Other data types

Day 2 – Programming with Python, Part 2

Productive working methods in Python (keyword: DRY)

  • Introduction to functions
  • Policy for formatting Python code: PEP-8

Object-oriented programming

  • Introduction to classes and objects

Other functions: Decorators

  • The best standard libraries (optional)
  • Exercises
  • Individual Q&A, help and discussions

The Python Basic Training is also offered as on-site Training. If you have several employees in your company who are interested in the Training, you are welcome to request an individual quote for Training at your premises and on the date you want. Please contact Königsweg directly with your enquiry.

Make a request „Python Basics“ Training Description PDF, 103.06 kB


The ‘Python for Analysts’ Training is conducted by our training partner Königsweg. Königsweg supports companies in designing sustainable business models and processes. Königsweg identifies relevant key technologies in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and integrates them into a perfectly coordinated portfolio in cooperation with technologically strong network partners. In this context Königsweg sustainably qualifies its clients in data analysis and visualisation using open source applications. Königsweg also advises decision-makers on strategic and operational issues, such as the planning and implementation of digital go-to-market strategies or QM certification.

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