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Target group: Linux Administrators
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The training sessions are usually held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in training sessions in English.

The Quobyte Unified Storage Plane (USP) is a key technology for setting up software-defined data centres. Quobyte has rapidly established itself as an important player in the distributed file systems market. The wholly software-based solution is capable of combining any commodity hardware into a highly available, high-performance distributed storage system for files, block devices and object storage.

This Training course focuses on creating, maintaining and fine-tuning this type of Quobyte cluster. In addition to installation and maintenance basics, the course also covers further-reaching topics, including best practices for selecting hardware and troubleshooting tips and tricks. The internal functioning of the Quobyte system is also discussed in detail, and practical training is always the focus. During the course, each participant will receive access to their own Quobyte cluster, enabling them to apply the content covered in the course to complete pre-assigned exercises and tasks.


  • General Quobyte architecture (essential components and concepts, communication between components, registry and component management)
  • Installation and bootstrapping a Quobyte cluster
  • Distributed consensus; introduction to Paxos and similar protocols (distributed logging, distributed caches)
  • Quobyte from the inside: Paxos and similar protocols with Quobyte
  • ‘Life of a File’ in a Quobyte cluster: What happens when creating, editing and deleting files and metadata?
  • The Quobyte Placement Engine: Which rules can be used to distribute files among the nodes in a cluster?
  • Maintenance of Quobyte clusters and device management
  • Integrating Quobyte into monitoring systems
  • Performance tuning during and after the installation of a cluster (best practices for hardware architecture, parameter tuning)
  • Multi-tenant Quobyte (quotas, user management, etc.)
  • Security concepts (LDAP, X.509 certificates, etc.)
  • Locking (e. g. for database installations on a Quobyte mount)
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