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At a glance

General information

  • 14 hours, spread over several days (by arrangement with the customer)
  • Flexible Training Agenda
  • On demand also available for closed teams

Target group

(Future) Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Developers, etc.

Application examples

Preparation for agile working with or in a Scrum Team


The Training sessions are usually held in German. Please send an e-mail to if you are interested in training sessions in English.

Agile methods are more than just processes to be simply followed. They involve a “mindset change” and are based on a different philosophy from that used in traditional software development methods.

The two roles central to facilitating this change are the Scrum Master and the Product Owner. This training course prepares (future) Scrum Masters and Product Owners for agile working. You will learn why and how to work in iterations (sprints), why transparency in the team is important and how to best focus on a few goals.


inovex training courses are not simply marathon slideshows. Instead, the participants work on almost all the course content independently in small groups, on the basis of literature or handouts provided.

Our Agile training is divided into 4 modules. The exact design of the modules can vary depending on the group of participants, depending on which principles, tools or techniques are to be particularly addressed.

A proposed agenda might look like this:

Module 1:


  • Practical introduction to iterative work
  • The agile mindset: “Doing agile” versus “Being agile”
  • Scrum basics

Learning objective:
Participants learn the agile values and principles and understand their application in the field of software development. They also know the basics of Scrum and understand the relationship between agile values and principles and Scrum.

Module 2:


  • Scrum roles
  • Scrum events and artifacts
  • Effective organization of Scrum events (Sprint Planning/Review/Retrospective and Daily Scrum)
  • Simulation of a Scrum project

Learning objective:
Participants learn the roles, artifacts, and events in Scrum. They also experience how it feels to work together as a team on a project using Scrum and learn the methods and tools with which Scrum events can be run effectively.

Module 3:


  • Domain complexity: the Cynefin framework and the Stacey matrix
  • Introduction to Kanban
  • Introduction to user stories and agile estimating

Learning objective:
Participants learn the basics of the Kanban method and understand which (agile) development methods are most suitable in which situations. In addition, the participants become familiar with the basics of working with user stories, a method for agile requirements management, and the associated tools, such as planning poker.

Module 4:


  • Holding a Lean Coffee for the collection, prioritisation, and processing of more in-depth topics

Learning objective:
Participants deepen their knowledge of the contents of Modules 1-3 and develop potential ways to apply them to their current situations. They are also introduced to one of the most effective methods for moderating meetings – the Lean Coffee.

Scrum Training
€1,400.00 (p.p., plus VAT)
  • signed certificate
  • in-house training
  • Customization possible (agenda, tech stack, language, etc.)
  • small training groups
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€1,400.00 (p.p., plus VAT)

Upcoming public training dates

Ideal for individuals or small groups: public training sessions with a fixed agenda - including input from other participants.

17.09.2024 - 20.09.2024 German remote Slots available Book now
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Why inovex Academy?

Our offer

The inovex Academy has set itself the task of passing on knowledge about methods and technologies that we already use successfully in our projects.

Curated content

Our trainers create a customized training offer based on your requirements.

Customizable tech stack

In exclusive trainings, we can consider your tech stack for the training content.

Individual assistance

If needed, we can tailor the training to a specific use case of your company and work directly based on your data.


Our trainers are field-tested experts in their areas of expertise. Through their work in projects, they expand their knowledge day by day and pass on this know-how in their trainings - application-oriented and practice-oriented.

Portraitbild von Collin Rogowski

Collin Rogowski

Certified Scrum Developer Trainer Abzeichen
Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster Abzeichen
Certified Scrum Master Abzeichen
Collin Rogowski has been working with scrum since the framework was introduced at Germany's leading web portal. During the past years he got to know a vast spectrum of scrum implementations, ranging from small self-organized teams to 'agile departments' at a larger SME to a division of an international company organized with scrum. His experience as a trainer ranges back to 2009, first in academia, later in economy.
Portraitfoto von Meliha Müller

Meliha Benzenhoefer

Advanced Certified Scrum Master Badge
Professional Scrum Master Badge
As a scrum master and product owner coach, Meliha Benzenhoefer accompanies agile projects and supports our customers in developing user-centric digital products. In the project business, she works primarily with (dual track) Scrum and advises on all aspects of modern product management methods. In recent years, she has been particularly active in the e-health sector and accompanied several clinics on their journey into the digital world. Meliha Benzenhöfer has been gaining experience in conducting trainings since 2020.

Our training approach

From the needs analysis to the awarding of certificates, we offer customized training courses, flexibly designed and carried out according to your requirements.

If you are interested in in-house training, we will start by identifying your needs and discussing your objectives. This discussion forms the basis for an initial offer.

As soon as the framework data has been clarified, our trainers start adapting the training content. Many of our training courses have a modular structure and offer the opportunity to design the agenda flexibly. Training courses that prepare for certifications, on the other hand, are less flexible. Here, however, you can set the content focus according to your wishes.

You will receive all relevant information in advance of the training. The training will then take place in the room of your choice and at the agreed time. Our trainers will adapt to your requirements.

After completing the training, all participants receive a certificate confirming their participation. You will also have the opportunity to give us feedback on the content and the course. We are always happy to receive praise and suggestions for improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a certification as a result of the training?
All participants will receive a certificate of participation from the inovex Academy after the training.
On what basis was the training content designed?
The training is based on the many years of experience of our trainers in the introduction of agile methods in various situations and teams.
How can I prepare for the training?
No special preparation is necessary for this training.
When does the training start?
Our trainings start at 09:00 Central European Time.
Do I get an invitation? When do I get it?
The trainer sends out the invitations about 1 week before the start of the training. In addition to the agenda and the schedule, any preparations (installation of software, etc.) will be pointed out again.
Portraitbild von Collin Rogowski
Collin Rogowski
Head of inovex Academy
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Portraitbild von Collin Rogowski

I look forward to your inquiry.

Collin Rogowski

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Portraitbild von Collin Rogowski
Collin Rogowski
Head of inovex Academy
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