Swift Training

Target group: Software-developers
* For in-house events, these details may differ

Swift is Apple’s programming language for developing apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Swift incorporates a number of benefits from other programming languages, making it not only a very high-performance language, but also one which provides a very positive, state-of-the-art developer experience.

This training course provides an introduction to developing with Swift, as well as an overview of the associated ecosystem of tools, frameworks, and libraries.

Participants will become familiar with Swift and its special features through a variety of examples. Practical exercises are the main focus of this course and provide participants with a solid basis of knowledge for later everyday use.

For working on the exercises, an Apple Mac with Xcode is necessary.


  • Swift basics
  • Swift concepts and language features
    • Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
    • Reference vs. value types
    • Protocol extensions
    • Optionals
  • Swift Package Manager
  • User interface development
    • UIKit
    • SwiftUI
  • Interconnectivity
  • Data storage & persistence
  • Testing
    • Unit testing
    • UI testing
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Pascal van der Locht

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