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Product Management / Product Ownership Training

Target group: Product managers/those interested in becoming product manager
* For in-house events, these details may differ

This training course teaches the basics of effective product management. It focuses primarily on the topics of Product Discovery and Scrum Product Ownership. The two areas can be weighted differently to suit the participant group’s needs.


Product Discovery:

We illustrate user-centred, hypothesis-based product development: the concept of “building the right thing before you build it right”. To this end, this course teaches not only the theoretical basics, but also many concrete methods and tools, such as user story mapping, lean canvas, and working with MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).

The course features a great many practical exercises to enable participants to try out the tools and methods presented in the course. This approach allows them to apply what they have learned directly to their own products after the course.


Product Ownership:

We discuss what changes when a company switches to Scrum and when working as a Product Owner. How do the day-to-day duties of a product manager change? How does agile requirements management work?

Scrum is more than a process to simply be followed. Instead, Scrum and agile involve a mindset change – not only for developers and project managers, but also – and especially – for product managers. We want to convey this mindset in a practical, tangible manner.


Scrum Basics:

  • Recap of the Scrum framework, focusing on the Product Owner role
  • User stories (structure, demarcation between DoD and DoR, personas, …)
  • The role of the product owner in detail (product vision, stakeholder management, user feedback, …)

Product Discovery Basics:

  • Introduction to lean startup and the MVP concept (lean canvas, value proposition canvas, and working with Minimal Viable Products)
  • Hypothesis-based development (experiments: design & test cards)
  • User interviews (including the development of an interview guide and conducting interviews)
  • Recording and design of customer behaviour with user journeys (user story mapping, …)


Please note:

  • The course fee includes training materials.
Registration „Product Management / Product Ownership Training“ Training Description PDF, 80.15 kB
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