Grafik Unit Test Training

Unit Test Training

Target group: C++, C# and Java Developers
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Disclaimer: This training will be held remotely!

Unit testing is known as one of the most effective agile development practices. Not only do code bases with higher levels of testing typically have fewer bugs, they also enable developers to locate and fix existing bugs more quickly. The use of unit testing thus ensures both higher-quality software and faster development.

This training course introduces practice-oriented unit tests and test-driven development (TDD). Based on two thoroughgoing examples, participants learn how to develop using unit tests for new software (greenfield development) and how to deal with existing complex legacy code bases (brownfield development).


  • Basics and best practices of unit testing
  • Introduction to unit testing frameworks
  • Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Behaviour-driven development (BDD)
  • Use of and handling of test doubles and mocks
  • Unit tests for legacy code bases
  • Code coverage
  • The Golden Master technique
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Trainer Christoph Menzel

Christoph Menzel

Head of Mobile & Web Development Read More

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