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Target group: Frontend and web developers (JavaScript know-how and experience with a framework such as Angular or React is required)
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The Training sessions are usually held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in Training sessions in English.

Component reusability is a noble goal of most software architectures. Particularly when creating (web) frontends, however, it is a goal often more easily stated than achieved.

Having said this, frontend components, in particular, reap double benefits in such cases: in addition to the higher efficiency achieved through reusing code, the process enables a cross-application, uniform design language to be implemented – something which is often a decisive factor for good usability.

The Web Component standard, which has been available for several years, helps when creating modular frontend application architectures. Frameworks such as Stencil, which implement these standards in a developer-friendly way, add tremendous value to the design process.

During this training course, the participants will learn to use the Stencil web component compiler to design and develop architectures in an example application. The course focuses on sustainable, professional application development and, therefore, also covers such topics as test automation and white label application architectures.

As with all inovex training courses, this course is extremely hands-on. Participants will spend about 50% of the time completing practical tasks and implementing the example application.


  • Introduction, Basics, and Historical Overview of the Web Component Standard
    • Shadow DOM
    • Custom Elements
    • HTML Templates
    • Exercise
  • Introduction to Stencil
    • Architecture and Overview
    • Exercise
  • Test Strategies for Web Component Architectures
    • Unit tests
    • End2End tests with Cypress
    • Exercise
  • Integrating Web Components into Frameworks
    • Angular
    • React
  • Design Systems
    • Basics and handling of design specifications
    • End-to-end integration of UI designers into a development project
  • Web Components and White-Label Applications
    • Global vs. local styles
    • Exercise
  • Alternatives to Stencil
    • Market overview of web component frameworks
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