Showcase: Data-driven Services

Case study: Service-Meister

Objective: Expand data-driven services
Methods: Customer Journey Mapping, Value Proposition Canvas, Data Value Matrix
Result: Creation of a data strategy containing ideas and concrete measures for the targeted use of data

Data-driven Services Workshop

More and more companies are looking to expand their product offerings to include data-driven (value-added) services.

Customers’ expectations are increasingly going beyond the simple provision of a high-quality physical product. Instead, digital services which expand or complement the product are also required. The commercial and industrial kitchen appliances manufacturer Rational AG, for example, not only sells its own appliances, but also offers the ConnectedCooking Pro asset, hygiene and recipe management app. This provides customers with a solution which goes beyond the kitchen appliances themselves.

Data-driven services will enable you to use your data profitably and expand your offerings. This, in turn, will allow you to secure your USPs in the long term and to develop new solutions. You will also benefit from the latest technological developments in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. These are often an important part of data-driven services and help with such tasks as forecasting and decision-making.

Now available: Customised data-driven services workshop

We have developed a workshop format which takes into account the specific requirements of data-driven services and allows you to apply them to your products. The aim of the workshop is for you to be able to apply the results to your own products immediately. In this workshop, we will teach you how to come up with an idea for your first data-driven service and how to prioritise ideas from among a range of different concepts. You will also learn how to test the market opportunities for your data-driven service and how to create a systematic roadmap for a portfolio of digital services.


  • Data-driven services: types and business models
  • Data-driven services as USPs
  • Selection of an existing product for the workshop
  • The customer journey and the formulation of a hypothesis
  • Value propositions for data-driven services
  • Finding the problem-solution fit: methods and examples
  • Finding a starting point and experimental design: alternatives to off-beat algorithms
  • Developing a data strategy: how to obtain missing data
  • The data value chain: what is my current IT setup capable of?
  • Feedback loop: establishing a USP and generating training data
  • The data value matrix: portfolio management for data-driven services
  • Algorithms: an overview of the different algorithm types and application areas

Target group: Product managers, innovation managers, business developers, managing directors

Duration: We can tailor the content and duration of the workshop to your individual needs.

“Taster Workshop” (0.5 days): This will give you a sense of the methodology and provide you with some initial ideas on using data.

Workshop (2 days): Together, we will develop a series of ideas and define specific measures for testing and implementing them on the market.

Case Study: Service-Meister

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