Generative AI Workshop: Transforming Work Processes

Generative AI, especially ChatGPT, is currently demonstrating just how much artificial intelligence is capable of — and the results are impressive. We’ll help you to evaluate this much-hyped topic from an objective viewpoint and show you ways in which this technology can transform your work.

Free access to services such as ChatGPT or DALL-E 2 is already changing everyday work – whether by providing text suggestions in seconds or image suggestions on any topic. For companies, however, this is only the beginning of the transformation of their work processes.

In our workshop, you will learn how generative AI can change your company’s work processes. We will look not just at the status quo of the technology, but also at the challenges of your industry and discuss possible application scenarios. We’ll help you to navigate this comparatively young field with confidence.

Our workshop:

  • Gives you an overview of the current state of development of generative AI
  • Reveals possible application scenarios in your business processes
  • Evaluates the feasibility of your ideas.


In our two-day workshop, we’ll help you to comprehensively understand and contextualise generative AI. Upon request, we can also extend the workshop to include technical deep dives or offer a one-day management summary.

Main agenda items:

  • Brief introduction to generative AI and related technologies
  • Discovery: Design of new work processes. How can generative AI simplify your work?
  • Overview of existing use cases. Which are just gimmicks, and where does AI create productive added value?
  • Evaluation of existing AI solutions. How can generative AI be used to take existing products to the next level?

How clients benefit from the workshop

Goal: Concrete understanding of the possible applications of generative AI in your own company.

Methods used: Analysis of the status quo in the company; structured brainstorming; detailed development of use cases; prioritisation and roadmapping.

Result: Development of a general understanding of generative AI; identification of potential use cases with the aim of using generative AI to improve your business processes.

Target group: Managing directors, department and division managers, product owners/managers

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Sebastian Blank

Head of Natural Language Processing