Process optimisation workshop

Digitalisation shows its full potential not only in the new products we use every day, but also in the opportunities for improving old processes. Piles of paperwork or the laborious compilation of information in countless Excel spreadsheets are not necessary and often make work unnecessarily complicated.

In our projects, not only do we highly value the sustainability and performance of the technologies used, we also support a shift towards simpler, faster processes.

Illustration: a woman looks at a workflow

Our process optimisation workshop

In the first step, we want to understand the process. User interviews or user shadowing allow us to fully penetrate your process. Thanks to our many years of project experience in a wide range of industries, we are able to understand individual problems particularly well.

You therefore get a solution that is very close to your existing processes and does not feel foreign, but simply better.

We use solution sketching, prototyping, and subsequent testing with users to ensure during the project that the solution exactly meets expectations and that no unexpected problems occur later.

How clients have used the process optimisation workshop so far

Goal: Digitalisation of appointment booking and patient management via a patient portal

Methods used: The established processes in the ARCUS clinic were analysed by means of user shadowing and interviews, then digitalised.

Result: A patient portal that is strongly oriented towards the previous organisation and complements and improves it in a meaningful way.

Case study: ARCUS Hospitals and Medical Practices

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