Vision workshop

Digitalising a product or your own processes often involves much more than replacing an old system with a new one. Digitalisation can also change entire business processes and team structures. With the right vision, the ideas for the product or the change can be made more concrete and implemented better later.

Vision Workshop

Our vision workshop 

We work with you in the workshop to clarify which problems are to be solved or which ideas are to be implemented, and also what positive changes they are expected to bring about. This leads to the development of a product goal or a process innovation goal, which you can work towards with us in the subsequent project.

We also work out the differentiation to other participants in the market as part of the workshop, and you formulate a goal against which future decisions regarding technology, target group etc. have to be measured. This not only defines business goals, but also makes it possible to measure progress in the project and to align product-related decisions with a goal.

Developing a vision does not just have advantages for the business, however. The vision mapped out should first and foremost motivate the development of the best possible product and inspire new ideas.

This is how the vision workshop can be used for new products

Goal: Create a vision for a food app against food waste.

Methods used: The Golden Circle was used to define the vision in more detail and then the value proposition card was used to work out which problems need to be solved. Finally, the team used personality sliders, to identify the USP and how Foodicious stands out from other offerings.

Result: By using the collected methods, an elaborated product vision and possible market positioning emerged, which streamlined the development.

Case study: Foodicius

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