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Confluent was founded by the team who developed the Apache Kafka™ distributed streaming platform for LinkedIn, scaling it to receive, process and store over 1 trillion messages per day. Kafka boasts a particularly impressive processing speed and provides connectors for data integration, as well as a framework for stream processing. These qualities have made it a key component in modern, data-driven system architectures and in communications between microservices.

The open-source version of Confluent enhances Kafka by adding a number of additional clients and connectors, as well as a REST proxy. The subscription-based Enterprise version offers additional enterprise-level features, including a GUI-supported control centre, dynamic load balancing, multi-datacentre replication, and additional security functions. It also, of course, includes direct support from Confluent. The platform is particularly useful when it comes to fraud protection, security, machine monitoring and the Internet of Things. It is also well-suited to companies working with sensitive financial or medical data, for example, and to those running multi-client environments with strict quality and service standards.

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