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Smart TVs, smart watches, smart glasses, smart cars and smart washing machines – the list of smart (internet-capable and thus networkable) devices is getting longer all the time.

Many companies want to enhance their products with smart features, but lack the requisite technological knowledge and expertise. Android is ideal as an operating system for many smart devices and other objects in the "Internet of Things", because it excels in terms of connectivity, user interface design and hardware independence – features which traditional embedded systems don?t tend to support well.

Since 2009, we have supported the use of Android in professional environments, from the operating system to the app level. Thanks to our effective team of embedded systems experts, we are ideally placed to develop and implement smart, embedded Android systems for the "Internet of Things".

A special species of smart devices are interaction-oriented robots such as "Pepper" or "Nao", developed by the French robotics pioneers Aldebaran and used primarily as companion for humans. We are a partner of SoftBank Robotics (formerly Aldebaran) with the further development of their communication-relevant abilities such as the interpretation of language and gestures – and are therefore very interesting for our customers. In contrast to some watches and washing machines, the interface of these robots is very intuitive – almost "human".

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