Flying Hope e. V. - The Sick Children's Pilot Network

Flying Hope is a charitable association which organises free flights for children who, due to their physical, mental or psychological condition, are dependent on others for assistance and whose families lack the necessary funds.

Flying Hope e. V.

Seriously or even terminally ill children need particularly intensive medical treatment. In addition to the psychological strain this places on families, the logistical difficulties often pose additional problems. How, for example, can seriously ill children be transported quickly and easily to childrenÕs hospices or home from residential stays without exposing them to the additional major stresses and strains of travel?

Flying Hope e.V. supports seriously ill children and their families by flying them to medical treatment or rehabilitation centres located far from their homes. These flights are free for patients and their families. The Flying Hope pilots provide their services voluntarily, donating their time, planes and funding for all costs associated with the flights. Their only payment is the pleasure they receive from helping families in need.

Stephan Müller, inovex CEO and himself a father of two daughters, is a passionate pilot and supports the work of Flying Hope by making his Cessna C510 available free of charge. He also flies young patients to their destinations himself.

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