Kubernetes, the standard for container-centric management

Simplification and automation of the deployment, operation, maintenance and scaling of container-based applications.

Kubernetes was developed by Google as a universal platform for the management and organisation of Linux containers in cloud environments – whether private, public (Amazon AWSMicrosoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform), or hybrid. At its heart, Kubernetes automates the deployment, scaling, maintenance and operation of container applications, thus keeping manual effort to a minimum. As entire cloud infrastructures with unlimited numbers of nodes can now be described as code and persisted in Git repositories, it has become very easy to roll them out remotely – almost at the touch of a button.

Data centre automation and cloud computing are two of the fundamental driving forces in digital transformation. We have been involved with this technology since Kubernetes’ beginnings in 2014/2015 and have been integrating it for leading companies in a wide variety of industries since it became generally accepted on the market.

Kubernetes and Docker

In today’s digital world, companies are under pressure to constantly launch new applications, enhancements and updates on the market in rapid-fire sequence. Microservices provide an ingenious response to this challenge and have now become the standard for state-of-the-art software development. Microservices architectures are based on the concept of developing a complex system as a flexible interplay of smaller, distributed services rather than as a large, monolithic block. Containers (like Docker, for example) are the perfect “operational packaging” for these microservices because they are ideal for operatively managing services and transferring them to any operational environment. The popularity of the microservices philosophy and Docker technology has also resulted in an increased need for practical container management solutions – like Kubernetes.

Kubernetes and DevOps

Microservices, cloud services, Docker containers and Kubernetes have fundamentally altered the world of the data centre, and will continue to do so, for example in the area of security. The automation of IT infrastructures through cloud technologies and the increased flexibility through DevOps were the inevitable consequences of a megatrend that has revolutionised the entire IT world: agility. inovex has been utilising DevOps practices since before the phrase was even coined. Very early on, we realized that a close collaboration between software development (Dev) experts and infrastructure operations (Ops) specialists would be extremely beneficial for all concerned. Ultimately, our customers benefit from agile teamwork in which the focus is always on working together to rapidly develop and deploy stable, high quality software.

Kubernetes Administration Training

Kubernetes Administration Training

Kubernetes Administration Training covers the core concepts typically used to create and manage Kubernetes clusters in productive environments.

Johannes M. Scheuermann

Johannes Scheuermann is one of the Linux Foundation’s first Kubernetes instructors. Since 2014, Johannes has been employed as a Cloud Platform Engineer at inovex, where he deals daily with innovative technologies and topics in data centre environments. These include Kubernetes, immutable infrastructures, and – of course – cloud platforms. Johannes has played a leading role in projects such as the  Development of the waipu.tv platform for EXARING AG  and several large-scale Kubernetes platforms for 1&1 Internet AG (web.de, GMX etc.).

We hold regular Meetups on current technology topics. Our Kubernetes Meetup was held on 19.04.2018 at our Karlsruhe location. There, we discussed the latest findings, best practices, tricks and pitfalls from our Kubernetes projects in exciting presentations. With approximately 90 participants, the house was packed. Our Meetups are evening events which are free to attend, and all interested parties are welcome. If you would like to receive information about our upcoming Meetup topics and dates, please join our Meetup group.

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