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Our customers and projects have very different requirements and need customised solutions. Here you can read some of our case studies.

Our projects and clients all have one thing in common: they all require our extensive technological expertise, which we can bring to bear on the most diverse contexts, constellations and complex situations.

Using technology to inspire our clients. And ourselves.

1 & 1 Mail & Media GmbH: geo-redundant Kubernetes hardware cluster created in just six months

Creating a modern microservices platform within an organically developed infrastructure is no easy task, either in theory or in practice. That such a project can not only succeed, but can also turn the division involved into a kind of role model is demonstrated by a joint project undertaken by 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH and inovex in which a 1&1 infrastructure was deployed on modern Kubernetes clusters in just a few months.

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1&1 Internet SE: Developing an interview tool for creating custom websites based on cutting-edge web technologies

Website builders have been extremely popular for years, due to the fact that they allow even less tech-savvy users to showcase their ideas and businesses online and thus to considerably increase their reach. Working with inovex GmbH, 1&1, Europe's leading webhosting service (, has expanded its 1&1 MyWebsite website builder to include an innovative design service which allows customers and web designers to interact in real time.

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Academy for Learning Pedagogy: The agile development of a video learning platform for children

Since 2018, AfL has been offering online learning training for school children in 3rd-8th grade. In the fall of 2020, the startup decided to further expand the product idea. With the help of inovex, not only the training offer was finally expanded, but also the software was completely revised.

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ARCUS Hospitals and Medical Practices: Development of a Digital Patient Portal

For the ARCUS clinics and practices, inovex has created a new digital patient portal that not only enables patients to book appointments digitally, but also makes all information about their treatment plan accessible. At the same time, administration was made easier for the clinic staff.

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Arvato Bertelsmann: Optimised Fraud Detection in Microsoft Azure

arvato Financial Solutions is collaborating with Microsoft, Cloud and Big Data specialist inovex GmbH, and three pilot e-commerce customers on an innovation project to create a Big Data architecture based on Microsoft Azure. The team will use the project to evaluate how the combination of Cloud Computing, Big Data and advanced analytics can improve fraud prevention and facilitate the development of new financial BPO services.

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beyerdynamic: Headphone Production 4.0

beyerdynamic has stood for high-end headphones, microphones and conference systems since 1924. The products manufactured by the company, which is headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany, deliver audio technology with outstanding sound quality. As a leading audio brand, beyerdynamic integrates innovation into both its audio-technology products themselves and its production processes. It was for one of their innovative production projects that beyerdynamic leveraged inovex's expertise.

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