Improving Image Retrieval with User Feedback


A problem occurs when an image retrieval method delivers irrelevant results. This post shows how user interaction can be utilized to overcome this problem.

Content based image retrieval is a field in computer vision. The aim is to find the most similar images to a given input image, where the similarity refers to the sem

Improving Image Retrieval with User Feedback2021-02-08T12:05:31+00:00

Using Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Web Apps


As the evaluation of a prototype shows, artificial intelligence is currently only of limited use in the context of a mobile web application. However, it is quite conceivable to already use smaller models for simple use cases, which produce consistently correct results with only a small amount of training data.

For my bachelor’s thesis, I evaluated the applicability of artificial intelligence within a mobile web application. Therefore, a prototype for classifying handwritten

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