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Johannes M. Scheuermann
I'm a computer science student at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT) and also I'm a working student at inovex in the area of IT Engineering & Operations. My focus is on new data center technologies to build a software defined data center (SDDC). Some of my favorite tools I'm working with are: Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, Docker and many more.

Apache Mesos: An introduction

One of the biggest challenges in data centers is to maintain multiple clusters for different workloads. Say you want to run Hadoop, Kafka and Storm which means that you have to maintain 3 different clusters. These different clusters are hardly utilized most of the time so for example when you run Hadoop you need many resources to get the job done but the rest of the day these resources stay idle. With a very simple calculation you can see how much time your resources are idle and only waste space and money (and we didn’t talk about hardware replacements at this point!). Read on for the nitty gritty details in this first article in our Mesos mini series. Weiterlesen